After WWII Michael ("AKA Mike") worked several years in the Floca candy factory, a very large factory in Salonika. He learned how to make Greek and European style chocolates and confections. He met his wife Anastasia "Anna" on the factory floor, when her hand got caught in a dangerous piece of equipment. She called out for help and he ran over and freed her hand. They were married in 1955.
In 1957, Michael and Anna, being very poor, immigrated to the United States, settling in Buffalo, New York with the help of Michael's aunt and cousin who had immigrated years before. This was a time when many poor Greeks moved to America, Canada and Australia, tens of thousands every year.

In 1962, Mike saved enough money to rent and buy used equipment and furnishings for a candy shop/ice cream parlor in Buffalo. The store slowly grew through the1960's. During this time Mike perfected his various recipes for caramel, nougat, creams, marshmallow and his infamous sponge candy.

In 1969, Mike and Anna moved to a store in Cheektowaga, New York. They named it Mike's Candy Shop. Their children also worked hard in the store to make it a success.

In the late 1970's the chocolate was so popular they stopped selling ice cream. Mike and Anna returned to Greece often to visit their families. Today the shop is operated by Anna and their daughter Sue. Mike worked in the candy shop until he passed away in 2002.

Mike's candy is truly a mom and pop chocolate shop with the finest hand dipped chocolates you will find anywhere in the world. My fathers passion for his art can be tasted in every peice of candy made today.
History provided by: Sue and John Melithoniotes

Gourmet Magazine - August 1999

The staff at Mike's Homemade Candies is obsessed with utmost sponge-candy excellence. As we sampled a piece, remarking that the molasses interior seemed actually lighter than air, as if it would float upward without the ballast of its thick, dark chocolate coat, the woman behind the counter noted, "It sounds a little too crisp today. It's breaking hard." The subtley of her evaluation, based on what she heard when the candies crunched in our mouths, was lost on us, for they seemed absolutely perfect".

"We are a family owned chocolateir offering retail and mail order gift boxed and loose chocolate by the pound, such as sponge, Charlie Chaplin, Stolen Haven covered nuts, fruits and creams, caramels, jellies, melt-away and clusters. We use only whole nuts, dried fruits and pure chocolate".
"We specialize in homemade candies. Our sponge, marshmallow and caramel were developed by Mike, my father, and we've kept to those recipes for 45 years".

"Our chocolates have a unique homemade taste and consistency, and our prices are still low family shop prices". - Sue Melithoniotes